Ilkhanid Coins

مسكوكات ايلخانية


Other Islamic Coins

مسكوكات أسلامية أخرى


          How to buyClick this E-mail address: , and indicate:

1. The item-number you wish to purchase

2. Your full shipping address

3. I will respond directly indicating the total amount payable (i.e. incl. shipment)

4. All shipments will be by registered mail (for additional safety). Combined shipments applicable (for reduced     shipment costs)

Prices are in USD, and Payment can be sent:

a) in Cash by registered mail (USD or any European currency) to: Christian Rasmussen, Morkhojvej 16, 5792  Aarslev, Denmark.

b) through Paypal:  Account = 

c) or through  Western Union


Delivery times are usually 2-3 days for Europe, and 6-10 days for the USA and the rest of the world.

OBS:  The safety of Postal Services varies from country to country. Danish Postal Service offers no option of special insurance, and the limit for refunds for missing registered shipments has recently been reduced to USD 40.00. This means that shipment takes place on the customer's responsibility. In case of lost shipments I cannot refund payments in excess of USD 40.00.