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MUH#24, A-A2231MuhammadA-A2231; Diler, M-711AeFalsHisn7371.217.21Pictorial (Lion, right);
السلطان محمد
خلد الله ملكه

ضرب خصن | قي سنة| سبع | ثلاثين | سبعمائة

At the top(inverted): ابو بكر عمر عثمان علي Below: ألله ...........
MUH#3, A-A2231MuhammadA-A2231, SICA 9, # 529, Zeno #17416و Diler 2006, M-710AEFalsTabriz7372.3820.01Pictorial, Ibex
خلد ملكه
صرب بازار سنة سبع ثلاثين و سبعمائة
MUH#2, A-A2231MuhammadA-A2231, Tabataba'i, 1350, p.94, Diler 2006, M-709AEFalsShahristan d.m.2.9219.21 
السلطان | محمد |خان خلد
لا اله | الا | الله | محمد | ... | ...
............ضرب شهرستان ............
ابو | ... | ... | ... | ... | علي
MUH#10, A-A2231MuhammadA-A2231; Vardanyan #10AEFalsAni7372.3319.84Vardanyan:" This is a copper coin struck with dies for silver coinage"
السلطان الاعظم
محمد خان
خلد الله ملكه
Spiral Kufiq Kalima
سبع | ثلاثين | و سبعمائة | ضرب اني
ابو بكر | علي | عثمان | عمر
#13, A-B2230MuhammadA-B2230ARHalf Dirhemm.m.d.m.0.5313.72Denomination not in Diler for type, The four Rashidun in atypical sequence; Will appear in Album's Checklist, 4th Ed.
السلطان العالم
محمد خلد الله
ملكة و دولة
لا اله الا الله
رسول الله

ثمان و ثلاثين و سبعمائة
عمر | ابو بكر | الي | عثمان
#10, A-T2226MuhammadA-T2226AVQuarter DinarYazdn.d.1.0810.76The top reverse word is “dânakîm”, from the word “dâng”, also sometimes pronounced as ”dâanak”, which means “fourth”. So it is ¼ of a mithqal, and the weight of 1.08 is just perfect for that, as the mithqal was then reckoned as about 4.32g (Steve Album; Pers. Comm., June, 2015); .Ex Wilkes & Curtis #5/233



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