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#9, A-2232.1(var.)Sati BekA-2232.1; Diler 2006, Sa-721AR2 DirhemSinjar7(3)92.0215.60Variant: Sati's name spelled with an initial ص , rather that the usual س (see Diler footnote 2493 & Zeno-# 125874)
السلطان العادل
صاتي بك خان

خلد ملمه

لا اله الا
رسول الله

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#10, Sati Bek, NIASati BekNIAARDirhemWaramin (?)d.m.1.115.51Steve Album:"I won’t list this as a new type for Sati Beg until a better specimen is located. As for the mint, it is unclear in your image, but might be Varamin ورامين, a town near Tehran that was occasionally a mint in the late Ilkhan through the early Safavid period." (Pers. Comm., Oct.,18)
سلطان سا
تي بك خان
خلد الله ملكه

لا اله الا الله
رسول الله

SAT#1, A-D2233.1Sati BekA-D2233.1, Fitzwilliam CM.1002-1996, Diler 2006, Sa-724AEFalsm.m.d.m.2.1321.64Pictorial, Sunface, Title as "as-Sultana", overstrike. Mint known to be Mardin, and date 38 Khani. See also SAT#4, D2233.1.
سابي بك
خلد ملكها
No Legend
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