Christian Rasmussen

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#21, A-2262(var.)AnushirawanA-2262AR2 Dirhemm.m.7461.3916.08Variant; Aberrant positioning of Kalima-elements, ornamental design at obv. center; Not in Diler
Ruler's name in Uigur
خلد ملكه

بو بكر عمر الي
.... ست اربعين | سبع
لا اله الا الله | محمد | لسوا الله
#5, A-2269AnushirawanA-2269, Diler 2006, An-829AR2 DirhemMaraghah7XX1.0514.58 
(in center): ضرب مراغة(around): السلطان انوشيروان خان
لا اله الا الله
رسول الله
سبعمائة | في | ......
#12, A-T2267AnushirawanA-T2267, Diler 2006, An-822AR6 DirhemRayy7(5)43.1618.38Die Error: Retrograde words on both obverse and reverse; OBS!!: Recent research by Akopiyan & Mosanef suggests that this issue is actually struck by Malik Ashraf of the Chobanids; The Uigur script has a spelling error (it should say AUShRW); see also the discussion at Zeno-# 52222
(retrograde): السلطان
(Uigur): AURShW
خلد ملكه
(in square spiral)
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه
سنة | اربع | --- | ---| سبعمائة
(retrograde) --- - عمر - عثمان ---

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